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 Battle Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Rules   Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:00 am

Map Selection:
- All Conquest and CTF maps are aloud except two. (Hoth Conquest, Geonosis Conquest due to AT-ATs and AT-TEs) It is also not advised to play Death Star conquest unless your server is in possession of the fix mod, because the Rebels lose two reinforcements for each death.
- Galactic Civil War only unless the selected map does not allow you to play Galactic Civil War. In this case you play Clone wars.
- CTF maps may not be picked unless both clans agree

Server Set up:
- Server must be a paid-for.
- TD On
- Preferrentially set Admin Messages Off
- 120 second warm-up timer
- 2 second spawn invincibility

Game Play:
- Minimum size is 3v3, preferable is 4v4
- If your clan has 4 members available - they must make it a 4v4
- Any higher than a 4v4 is optional, even if it is planned as higher than a 4v4
- No spawn jumping(Warm-up timer)
- No using command post light to switch your unit to give it invincibility or to instantly reload.
- No super pistoling
- No tanks
- No turrets
- No specials unless both clans agree on using them.
- No switching classes at all in class specific (ex. You cannot switch to engineer for health/ammo. However you can switch in between maps.)
- No space walking AT ALL (Polis Massa)
- If at any point someone lags out, only the player that lagged out may come back
- If at any point someone lags out, both sides play on unless it is before the first person spawns (sometimes the server lags users out right as the warm-up timer hits zero, this will require a replayed map)
- A spectator isn't required but if one of the two clans requests a spectator the match must be spetacted by someone.
- It is preferrential to have a video recording spectator

Challenge Posting Rules:
- Must specify who is challenging who in topic title (Example: [ABC] vs [123])
- Challenging clan must choose 3 maps, challenged clan picks 2 maps
- Challenged clan picks the factions for challengers maps, vice versa
- A date and time must be chosen and agreed by both clans
- A server password for the battle must be either posted or PMed
- Results must be posted in challenge topic and confirmed by both teams

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Battle Rules
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