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 Battle Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Rules   Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:28 am

Clan Battle Rules:

- No glitching
- No tanks
- No turrets (auto turrets are allowed)
- TD (Team Damage) on
- Spawn invincibility set to 2 seconds
- No ringers (players who temporarily join a clan specifically to participate in a battle)
- No multi-clanners (someone who is in more than one clan)
- No switching classes in a class specific battle (may trade classes with clan mates between maps)
- GCW (Galactic Civil War) only, unless both clans decide on CW (Clone Wars)
- Conquest reinforcements should be set close to 300
- CTF score should not be higher than 5 flags, unless both clans agree to set it higher. A 45 min. time limit is suggested.
- Warm up timer must be set to at least 60 seconds or countdown timer may be used only if both clans agree
- No spawn jumping (click x to spawn when 0 seconds are left on the warm up timer)
- Clan battles must be done in a paid for server unless both clans agree to play in a non paid for server

Challenge Posting Rules:

- Must specify who is challenging who in topic title (Example: [ABC] vs [123])
- Challenging clan must choose 3 maps, challenged clan picks 2 maps
- Challenged clan picks the factions for challengers maps, vice verse
- A date and time must be chosen and agreed by both clans
- A server password for the battle must be either posted or PMed
- Results must be posted in challenge topic and confirmed by losing team

(Please refrain from challenging more than 2 clans a week to avoid over scheduling yourselves.)

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Battle Rules
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